Examining Millennials and Generation Z

Published On: April 15, 2024Categories:

Client: European Research Infrastructure Consortium” (SHARE-ERIC) – Max Planck Institute


The survey honed in on the younger demographics, specifically targeting millennials and Generation Z, offering a distinctive snapshot of these cohorts. Despite grappling with challenges like income volatility, uncertain career paths, ethical quandaries, and psychological hurdles, the survey unveiled captivating glimpses into their outlooks. Furthermore, it shed light on the political leanings of these generations, revealing a prevailing tendency to endorse mainstream governance directions, defying anticipated widespread youth dissent.

Key Findings From the Latest Wave

  • Nearly 6 out of 10 respondents express belief in Greece, considering it a good place to live, with 55% supporting this view. Among those aged 35-42, this sentiment rises to 60%.
  • A growing number of individuals perceive Greece as a place where they can achieve their dreams and professional goals, with 41% sharing this belief, up from 30% in 2021.
  • The inclination to emigrate from Greece has decreased significantly, with only 58% expressing a desire to stay in the country, compared to 74% in 2010, indicating a halt in brain drain.
  • Optimism about the future of young people is closely linked to optimism about the country’s future, as negative indicators of stagnation and crisis diminish, while positive indicators of hope and growth strengthen.
  • To progress, however, significant, radical changes are needed in areas prioritized by the youth for the next government, including social policies (healthcare, education, wages/pensions, taxes) and bolstering production and the country’s competitiveness.

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