Our Public Affairs division excels in offering nuanced insights into the intricate interplay of political, social, and economic dynamics impacting communities, organizations, and governments. With a focus on conducting thorough research and analysis, our team empowers clients to navigate intricate public policy terrains, grasp diverse stakeholder viewpoints, and craft well-informed strategies. Covering a wide spectrum from healthcare policy to environmental regulations, economic evelopment, social justice, education policy, infrastructure investment, and foreign relations, we cater to a diverse clientele including government agencies, nonprofits, corporations, political campaigns, and research institutions.

Focus and Objectives

  • Policy Analysis: We conduct rigorous analysis of legislative and regulatory proposals, assessing their potential impact on various stakeholders and industries.
  • Public Opinion Research: Our division conducts surveys and polls to gauge public sentiment on key issues, helping clients understand public perceptions and preferences.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: We assist clients in identifying and engaging with relevant stakeholders, including government officials, advocacy groups, and community organizations.
  • Issue Monitoring: We track emerging trends and developments in public policy, providing timely updates and insights to our clients.

Indicative Projects

Balkan Monitor

A long-standing quantitative opinion research project by Kapa Research started in 1993. Through five waves of surveys involving over 30,000 individuals, it captures the perspectives of citizens across the Balkans on political, economic, and social issues.

The Image of Europe in Greece Today

A nationwide survey as part of FNF’s “Reshape Europe” campaign. It aimed to understand Greek perceptions of Europe, including Greece’s EU involvement, the effectiveness of EU and NATO institutions, the impact of the energy crisis post-Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the assessment of Greek-German relations.